MUSOH is a live performing band project that aims to realize the thoughts and ideas woven into Yutaka Uchida's compositions.

   The project name MUSOH, the term that translates to “incomparable,” was actually inspired by the “MUSOH Principle” of macrobiotic diet philosophy, where everything in the universe has a characteristic of either yin or yang and seeking balance between these qualities is essential.

   “Balance” is the key element that Uchida values the most not only in his works but also in his way of living, and it is an underlying theme you could find in all of his pieces, though it does not necessarily means “stability.” Rather, it is a risky way of keeping sanity of the art by controlling raw artistic impulses, which tend to go to extremes, by throwing counterbalances.

   Such artwork is certainly not a product of compromise, either. MUSOH was born in hopes of providing the audience an experience of live performance of the profound music that gulps down the seemingly incompatible ideas, concepts and techniques together and even wholly accepts contradictions within; that is written upon sincere self-critique and deepened by improvised communication of master musicians.

   See MUSOH performing live and you will find layers and layers of contrasting elements and materials in an exquisite balance.