Yutaka Uchida - Drummer, Composer, Bandleader, Educator

Born in Tokyo, 1973.

Started playing drums at 16 years of age.

Majored Jazz Composition at Berklee College of Music.

Has been a working musician in and around New York since 1999.


A highly acclaimed composer, Yutaka Uchida has been awarded COAHSI Performing Arts Award, Premier Grant Award, etc. All About Jazz gave his first CD “Living Together” a rave review and called it “easily one of the top outings of the year [2007].”

Yutaka has also been contributing to the cutting edge NY music scene as a highly versatile drummer for years, known for his clear, crisp tone, rock-solid groove and innovative improvisational skills. He has toured worldwide, has appeared at some of the world class festivals and has been credited on numerous recordings.







その作品は各方面に高く評価されており、COAHSI Performing Arts Award、Premier Grant Awardなど受賞。2007年に発表したリーダー作 “Living Together” は All About Jazz をして「容易に2007年最高の作品の一つ」と言わしめた。



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2016年5月29日(日)のBlue Note NY出演に先立ち、高免信喜氏との対談が「NYジャピオン」紙上に掲載されました。是非御覧下さい!

Shu Odamura Trio performed live on a pod cast program at Studio Radio 45 in NYC. Check out the video here!

清武友佳理さん司会のインターネット・ラジオ、「Tuesdays / 人生は火曜日」にゲスト出演しました!前編はこちら、後編はこちらで公開されています。是非お聴き下さい!

The Archi-tet's new album is on vinyl and available at the shows!
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Noshir Mody's new album, "Stories from the Years of Living Passionately" is now released!

Yutaka is appearing in Michael V. Doane's powerful new video, "Keep Running." ROCK OUT!


Yutaka Uchida: Living Together

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