MUSOH is a live performing band project that aims to realize the thoughts and ideas woven into Yutaka Uchida's compositions.

   The project name MUSOH, the term that translates to “incomparable,” was actually inspired by the “MUSOH Principle” of macrobiotic diet philosophy, where everything in the universe has a characteristic of either yin or yang and seeking balance between these qualities is essential.

   “Balance” is the key element that Uchida values the most not only in his works but also in his way of living, and it is an underlying theme you could find in all of his pieces, though it does not necessarily means “stability.” Rather, it is a risky way of keeping sanity of the art by controlling raw artistic impulses, which tend to go to extremes, by throwing counterbalances.

   Such artwork is certainly not a product of compromise, either. MUSOH was born in hopes of providing the audience an experience of live performance of the profound music that gulps down the seemingly incompatible ideas, concepts and techniques together and even wholly accepts contradictions within; that is written upon sincere self-critique and deepened by improvised communication of master musicians.

   See MUSOH performing live and you will find layers and layers of contrasting elements and materials in an exquisite balance.









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MUSOH is performing at SALON 33 in Princeton, NJ on November 15, 2019! Hit the link above to RSVP and obtain the address and directions!

Noshir Mody's brand new album, "A Burgeoning Consciousness" is on the Grammy® first round voting ballot.Fingers crossed!

日本のジャズ・ファンの皆様、お待たせ致しました。2年ぶりに一時帰国し池袋ABSOLUTE BLUEにてMUSOH TOKYO EDITION一夜限りのライヴを行います!最高のメンバー。会いに、聴きに来て下さい!

Noshir Mody's brand new album, "A Burgeoning Consciousness" is now available on Amazon and the iTunes Store for PreSale! Got to have a hard copy? Come to our CD Release Celebration and it's included in the ticket price!

Going into studio very soon to record Noshir Mody's brand new album, "A Burgeoning Consciousness." Excited!

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2016年5月29日(日)のBlue Note NY出演に先立ち、高免信喜氏との対談が「NYジャピオン」紙上に掲載されました。是非御覧下さい!

Shu Odamura Trio performed live on a pod cast program at Studio Radio 45 in NYC. Check out the video here!

清武友佳理さん司会のインターネット・ラジオ、「Tuesdays / 人生は火曜日」にゲスト出演しました!前編はこちら、後編はこちらで公開されています。是非お聴き下さい!

The Archi-tet's new album is on vinyl and available at the shows!
Click HERE for more info.

Noshir Mody's new album, "Stories from the Years of Living Passionately" is now released!

Yutaka is appearing in Michael V. Doane's powerful new video, "Keep Running." ROCK OUT!


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